Macon Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are looking for a Macon personal injury attorney that will take your future personally and do everything possible to help you obtain the recovery that you deserve, call The Sessions Law Firm.

Macon Car Accident Attorney

If you are looking for a Macon car accident attorney that will take your accident and your case as seriously as you do? Are you looking for a Macon car accident attorney that provide you with personal attention and commit the very highest level of effort to obtaining the maximum recovery possible in your case? Our careers are based on standing up for regular people in tough situations, so don’t be intimidated by an insurance company. We are frequently asked what the difference is between our firm and others that handle car wreck cases. In large part, the difference is our attention to detail. Call a Macon personal injury lawyer at The Sessions Law Firm today.

Macon Truck Accident Lawyer

If you need a Macon trucking accident lawyer that is willing to commit the resources and effort required to obtain the recovery that you deserve following an accident involving a commercial truck, contact a Macon personal injury lawyer at The Sessions Law Firm today.

Macon Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you are looking for a Macon motorcycle accident attorney that knows how to help you obtain the recovery that you deserve following a motorcycle accident, a Macon personal injury lawyer at The Sessions Law Firm can help. Our Macon motorcycle accident attorneys understand how catastrophic motorcycle accidents can be, and we understand what it takes to obtain the maximum recovery for your case.

Macon Personal Injury Lawyers

We have a distinct advantage over many firms that handle personal injury cases. We are brutally unfailing in our commitment to obtaining justice for our clients. We're not a large firm, but we will not be outworked by anyone and no one is more committed to delivering upon the trust that our clients have given us. If you are looking for personal injury lawyer in Macon, that will be focused upon you and your long-term well being, call The Sessions Law Firm today. Our personal injury lawyers don't treat clients like number and rush to resolve a case in a way that leaves real value on the table. The Macon personal injury attorneys at The Sessions Law Firm understand that getting clients the recovery they deserve requires focus, commitment, and hard work. We bring each of those qualities to every case in our office.
  • K.J., Fellow lawyer in the community

    "He has an incredible knowledge of the law, and excellent trial skills. He was handled cases all across the state, and obtained great results for his clients. I highly recommend Ben Sessions!"

  • J.G., Fellow lawyer in the community

    "Not only is Ben an attorney other attorneys look up to in his field, he is also an outstanding human being who cares about the client he is representing."

  • C.K., Fellow lawyer in the community

    "Ben is an excellent attorney. He handles his cases with professionalism and compassion. Ben not only knows the law, but trains other attorneys. You are in good hands if Ben is your attorney."

  • M.C., Fellow lawyer in the community

    "Ben is an extremely compassionate, knowledgable and capable attorney. He is absolutely one of the best in the State - if not the Country. His dedication to his clients is unmatched."

  • B.P., Fellow lawyer in the community

    "TOP NOTCH attorney. Excellent reputation in the legal community. Hard working, creative thinker, dedicated to clients. . .and a super nice person. A true Lawyer's Lawyer."


We take our clients and their injuries personally.

All too frequently, we hear lawyers and insurance companies say, “don’t take it personally.” Our work could not be more personal to us. We recognize that the injuries our clients have suffered affect them deeply, and we take our clients and their injuries very personally. Call us today to see if our Macon personal injury attorneys are a fit for you and your personal injury case.


Personal injury lawyers that will actually work on your case so you won’t have to worry.

There are personal injury lawyers that will provide you with plenty of attention when they are signing you up, and then they will completely avoid your calls until they are ready to settle your case. In short, they will let you worry for the next few years over whether your claim is being handled. With our Macon person injury lawyer, that will not be a concern. When you retain The Sessions Law Firm, there will never be a time in which you will not know how diligently we are pursuing the recovery you deserve.


We bring the experience and knowledge required to help each of our client’s obtain the recovery they deserve.

The Macon personal injury attorneys at The Sessions Law Firm have the experienced, knowledge, and resources required to deliver results in your personal injury case. However, we understand that simply having the ability to deliver results does little, if anything, for a client unless the lawyer is willing to commit himself/herself to the client’s cause. We do not take a personal injury client on as a client unless we are willing to commit 100% of our effort towards a successful and timely resolution of the case. We understand that for many our clients, their future well being is contingent upon the successful resolution of the case, and we intend to deliver them the security that they deserve.

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  • Macon Personal Injury Lawyer

    When you need a personal injury attorney that will do everything it takes to get you the recovery you deserve, call The Sessions Law Firm. Unlike many person injury lawyers, we do not hand your case off to a paralegal who will be your primary point of contact. If I take your case on, I will be working directly with you. Most of my clients are in the middle Georgia area and, particularly, Macon. Our practice is limited to this area for a very specific reason: we want to be able to spend time with clients and help them receive the attention and compensation they deserve.
    • Testimonial

      Ben Sessions


      About Ben Sessions

      I have been recognized as a SuperLawyer by SuperLawyers Magazine, as a Legal Elite by Georgia Trends Magazine, and I maintain a Superb (10.0 out of 10.0) rating AVVO, but I recognize that bragging rights mean little to any one of my clients. What matters to almost all of my clients is the effort that I expend on their case and the result that I ultimately obtain for them. I can assure you that no one will out work me on a case, and no one will care about helping you more than I do.

    “Courage is not something that you already have that makes you brave when the tough times start. Courage is what you earn when you’ve been through the tough times and you discover they aren’t so tough after all.”

    Macon Personal Injury Attorney

    If you are looking for a personal injury attorney that has the skills and resources to get you the recovery you deserve, call The Sessions Law Firm today.

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