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Ben Sessions of The Sessions Law Firm has developed a reputation in Atlanta and throughout Georgia for being a go-to lawyer for complex and serious alcohol- and drug-Ben Sessions - Mitchell v. State - Georgia Supreme Courtrelated cases. Lawyers that need some expertise in developing defenses to difficult DUI, serious injury by vehicle, and vehicular homicide cases, routinely rely upon Ben Sessions. If you need an Atlanta DUI lawyer, call Ben today for a consultation.

An Atlanta DUI lawyer with true local presence, connections, and understanding of these cases.


Knowing the courts and processes by which a DUI case will be prosecuted is crucial to a successful defense. You will not find an Atlanta DUI lawyer that knows ins and outs of the court in and around Atlanta, GA, better than Ben Sessions of The Sessions Law Firm, LLC.

Atlanta, GA DUI Attorney Guide

Atlanta, GA DUI Attorney Guide

Be Wary of Connections As The Way of Choosing an Atlanta DUI Lawyer

Video: “Be Wary of Connections As The Way of Choosing a DUI Lawyer”

When you’re trying to select a DUI attorney in your case, one of the things that you really need to be cautious of, is a lawyer who says that they have a local connection or a local friendship, and that will be the basis for favorably resolving your case. Instead of looking for that type of connection, what you should look for is a lawyer that has knowledge of the local processes and the process by which your case will be prosecuted there in that courthouse, and also has certain external validations of their experience. Number one: Has the lawyer actually tried cases in the last year? Number two: Has the lawyer actually tried cases in that courthouse? Do they understand how it is that the prosecutors in that courthouse work and the process by which your case is actually gonna follow? Number three: Has the lawyer actually received any sort of external validation that cannot be bought with their own paycheck? That is, is the lawyer board-certified, or is the lawyer been recognized as a Super Lawyer here in this state? What you should do is look for these types of indicators, rather than relying upon a lawyer’s relationship. That’s a much more reliable predictor of whether or not the lawyer can get the job done in your case. If you have a question about your DUI case, feel free to contact me. My name is Ben Sessions. My office number’s 470-225-7710. Again, 470-225-7710. Thank you.

Ben Sessions has successfully defended DUI charges in every court in metro-Atlanta. He has tried DUI jury trials before each of the Judges of the Fulton County State Court. There are other lawyers that have appeared and helped clients plead guilty to DUI charges in each of the courts, but there are very few attorneys that have successfully defended cases in each of the courts in metro-Atlanta.

Ben Sessions is in the courts of Atlanta and Fulton County on an almost daily basis. He served on the City of Atlanta Municipal Court’s DUI court planning committee.

Atlanta DUI lawyer Ben Sessions is 1 of 4 Board-Certified DUI Lawyers in Georgia

If you interview lawyers regarding your Atlanta DUI arrest, you will hear all different types of sales pitches and all different fee ranges. Some will seem to be too good to be true, and – truth be told – at the end of the case, those stories will probably not resemble the lawyer’s performance and the fee that seemed very cheap will be very costly to you in the long-term.

Ben Sessions has developed a reputation as a go-to lawyer in cases involving difficult and complex issues. He is a frequent lecturer in Georgia and nationally, and he also serves as a State Delegate for the National College of DUI Defense.


If the defense of your DUI case really matters to you, call The Sessions Law Firm today.


This is the Atlanta Detention Center and is where most people arrested in the City of Atlanta for DUI are taken to.

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